'Human Softness' SKYN VALENTINE'S CP 2024


During my time at UltraSuperNew Tokyo, I had the opportunity to contribute to SKYN's annual Valentine's Day Campaign for the Japanese market. SKYN is an Australian-born lifestyle brand distributing condoms and other sex products world-wide. They are well-known for their thin non-latex condoms.
The campaign featured a PR-movie telling the story of two AI-entities falling in love with each other on their first date. In a world shifting more and more towards technology, this movie highlights that there is one thing that AI-platforms cannot experience: physical touch.
Find further details in the Press Release.

SKYN Landing Page

Project Scope
Generative AI-Voice Visualization

My part in this project was the generative AI-voice-visualization. In the movie, the two digital protagonists are represented with colorful visual elements on two separate computer screens. Animated in TouchDesigner corresponding to the audio output, these elements act as the AI's mouthpieces.
The following section shows various approaches I explored. To get closer to the final version, I explored rather rectangular and robotic visuals to convey a digital feel as well as organic forms and motion to convey a more human-like expression. Blending these two opposites in the process and creating organic motion with digital interference was an attempt that was particularly fun for me. In the end, the team opted for the most organic and dynamic versions I created as they proved to be the most visually impactful, once seen in the context of the movie.

Various approaches ranging from robotic to organic and in between
Blend of rectangular and organic form with subtle 'static' interference and glitches
Same version when idle (not speaking), subtle movement to suggest active listening
Variation in size, full-screen more striking but creates the unintended impression that PC has been 'overtaken'
Approach chosen for the campaign

The landing page accompanying the campaign showcased another feature containing the AI-couple. In a livestream running during the whole period of the Valentine's Day Campaign, from beginning of February until the 14th, visitors could follow a conversation of the couple in real time.

behind the scenes of the PR-movie on shooting day